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My name is Steve and I have been living in Tenerife since January 2005. I have been working with computers now for over 17 years and have built up considerable experience of using many different types of Operating Systems. These have mainly been different versions of Microsoft Windows from 3.1, 95, 98, NT, 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10 but has also covered Mac OSX and SuSe Linux.

I assembled my first computer while at University as my course required me to have my own PC. As I became more comfortable in using it I started investigating more and more features of Windows and my PC in general. When problems arose I had to figure out how to repair them. This started my interest in computer repairs and how I learnt to fix many common problems with Windows.

After I graduated from Bristol University with a 2:1 Masters Degree in Electronic Engineering I worked as a Software Engineer for a large defence company writing and testing software. I also put my PC knowledge to good use as my colleagues would often ask me for help instead of IT Support when the had computer problems.

Now, I have built and repaired over 1000 computers in England and Tenerife.

I can repair any computer regardless of the make or language.

I look forward to seeing you

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