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So much doom and gloom in Tenerife with the stagnant property market, bars closing down, people leaving and the strong Euro playing havoc with the pound, we thought we would write a “happy story” today and one thing that is certainly not on the wane is the remarkable website: Tenerife Forum

Warner Bros have chosen Tenerife as one of the locations where they will shoot scenes for a remake of the movie “Clash of the Titans”. A team of 350 people will be working on location in the island alongside Hollywood stars Ralph Fiennes and Liam Neeson. The island will earn 2.5million Euros in revenue and it is hoped that it will raise the islands profile, the knock-on effect being an increase in Tourism.

The film crew team will stay in Tenerife from May 15th until June 3 with most of the 2.5million Euros being spent on accommodation, transport and maintenance, in addition to recruiting over 100 extras and temporary support staff from the local population. A local company, Sur Film Production & Services obtained all the necessary film permits, managed auditions and sourced local offices.

The film is being directed by Louis Leterrier, who was responsible for “The Incredible Hulk” and “Danny the Dog”. Working alongside actors Liam Neeson “Schindler’s List” and Ralph Fiennes “The English Patient” will be Sam Worthington “Terminator Salvation” playing the lead role of Perseus, and Gemma Arterton “Quantum of Solace”. The main cast also includes Mads Mikkelsen “Casino Royale” and Jason Flemyng “The curious case of Benjamin Button”.

“Clash of the Titans” chronicles the struggle between men, kings and gods, and is based on the feature film of the same title released in 1981,starring Laurence Olivier and Ursula Andress. The new version is set for release in the USA on 26th March 2010.

Almost 20% of the movie will be shot in Tenerife in the municipalities of Icod, Buenavista del Norte and Guía de Isora and in the Teide National Park. Scenes will also be filmed in London and Wales whilst aerial photography will be shot in Iceland and Ethiopia.

A member of the local Costa del Silencio residents association has expressed their dismay over the current state of the “improvement work” slowly being done in the area. the work was recently reported as complete but, as seen by the photos, it is anything but.

“K.Dawson” had this to say:


Head line in the Island Connections News this week.

The Arona council and Regional Tourism Minister Rita Martin are surely having a Laugh.

The facelift is anything but complete. 1000`s of residents have been living a nightmare for months now as the attach photo`s show. No one knows what is happening and when. Inadequate diversions if any have been erected and then they are wrong the day after.

Not only the residents and tourist have no idea how to navigate the fiasco the same applies to delivery lorries, police, fire, ambulance and most of all the basura (garbage) wagons who simply cannot get to empty the bins, and are left for days on end.

Clean Arona, I don`t think so, Rats are having a field day in light of the situation and have even been known to be entering homes.

Homes and businesses have been cut off for access for several weeks, without notice and are suffering as a result of this.

Flicks bar is situated on the sea front of Amarilla Bay, the owner Zina, stated that she sympathises with the business at the top of Silencio as she herself knows what the knock on effect is having. Due to mass reconstruction of the bay that is included, Flicks Bar has many concerns over the well being of their customers who are finding it very difficult and unnerving to enter the bay,as the diversions are taking place behind unlit rocks and wasteland, customers and residents alike are expected to drive or walk in a very remote area which surrounds Amarilla Bay, thus making walkers an easy target for thugs.

Albatros Landlady asks, if gardens are supposed to be in place opposite,(above the pig in the dip) why on earth have they decreased the pathway, this leaving little or no walkway for pedestrians, mothers with children in buggies and people who are wheelchair bound, is there any plans for them being taken into consideration. When is this going to be finished? This is affecting everybody, businesses are down and suffering extremely bad, this is not the only concern from the Albatros, there are many, like the many concerns all owners both residential and business owners have

Silencio is losing many holiday makers as they are paying to go elsewhere, even when they have arrived for them it is like a Holiday from Hell…  Holiday makers are saying, we come here for peace and quiet and to relax, we work all year round to come to Costa del Silencio, (coast of silence) they are now calling it Costa del Hell, and the reason, The face-lift is going too slow

Maybe Mr Revron and the Tourism Board are proud of their achievements but the Residents and Business owners of Silencio are certainly not.

Perhaps when the work is completed this fact could be reported. But until then I think all officials that are stating Silencio has been finished should GET UP TO DATE FACTS and report whats really going on in Silencio.

K Dawson
Resident of Silencio”

Many thanks to K.Dawson for contacting us. Lets hope the work is finished as quickly as possible. Times are difficult enough at the moment without the local authorities making things worse.

A 47 year old man was arrested on suspicion of murder after the discovery of the body of Carmen Rosa Dorta, his estranged wife, in her home in Agua Dulce, Tenerife

The couple had been separated since 2004 and their relationship had until that point been a violent one. Carmen Rosa Dorta´s body was found at 2.30pm after her sister had reported her as missing. She had not been seen for three days. A judge had previously issued a restraining order against the man prohibiting him from coming within 600 metres of her.

A search for her had led police to her house where her body was found along with evidence of a violent struggle. The crime scene was cordoned off while a team of forensic experts from the Guardia Civil in Santa Cruz conducted an investigation.

The husband was arrested shortly after 5pm by officers of the Guardia Civil in Granadilla de Abona whilst apparently driving the vehicle of the deceased. The detainee has been transferred to the Guardia Civil post in Playa de las Americas.

A day of mourning was declared today in the municipality of Guia de Isora for Carmen amid widespread condemnation of her murder.

The German supermarket group Lidl recently announced that they would be opening 12 stores throughout the Canary Islands. The announcement brings to a close several years of speculation and bureaucracy and the stores will provide some welcome competition to the other supermarket chains operating here.

Famous in the UK for undercutting the large chains such as Asda and Tescos, Lidl began branching out into cut-price electronics such as plasma TV´s, laptops and PC´s, although they are just as famous for their jaw-droppingly low prices on everyday goods albeit they are usually wrapped up in unpronounceable foreign brands – a small compromise for a much lower price.

With the first stores set to open in 2010, a total of six will be located in Tenerife, three in the South of the island in Adeje, Las Chafiras and Granadilla and three in the North in La Laguna, Puerto de la Cruz and Santa Úrsula. Additionally, a large logistics division should be operational in Guimar by the end of the year.

Another four stores will be opened in four Gran Canaria (Telde-Jinámar, Ingenio, Agüimes and Vecindario), one in Lanzarote (Arrecife) and  one in Fuerteventura (Puerto del Rosario).

A total of 500 jobs should be created by the companies expansion and there are already55 people working for Lidl throughout the islands.

The Tenerife Cabildo and regional government have been urged to do more to increase the islands visibility in the Russian market. An estimated 92,000 Russians visited Tenerife in 2008 and whilst a 10% rise on this number is predicted in 2009, it is felt that competition from other countries such as Italy, Turkey, Cyprus and Greece is hampering Tenerife´s potential. 2008 visitor numbers were up 27% on 2007 so the slight slowdown in growth needs to be addressed – according to Natalie Tours, a tour company represented throughout Spain which has offices in several Russian cities providing an substantial inroad to the Russian market.

Over 9 million Russians per year holiday abroad so the potential is there but Tenerife must not be allowed to fall behind those competing for this lucrative market. The Canary Islands have held a dominant position in recent years but are in danger of falling behind since Italy, Cyprus and Greece have reached similar market levels.
A delegation from Tenerife will travel to the annual Moscow International Tourism Fair at the end of this month where they will attempt to reach a conclusive agreement on the role of government in terms of the islands promotion.

English newspapers in Tenerife

With the many free Tenerife newspapers you can keep up to date with news in Tenerife and the Canary Islands.

You will find that many of the English bars in Tenerife will have regular deliveries of the free weekly English newspapers in Tenerife.

The free English news papers in Tenerife have all the latest news and, for example, listings of property for sale in Tenerife, second hand cars for sale in Tenerife, Tenerife car hire, properties to rent in Tenerife, Tenerife tourist attractions, the Tenerife weather reports and Tenerife weather forecasts, Tenerife births, marriages and deaths, as you can see the papers are much like the free newspapers you will find at home.

Tenerife reviews

Write a personal review today about anything relating to Tenerife.

Did you have a good flight over, was the food good, were the air hostesses polite, how was your Taxi ride from the airport, did the driver make you sick or over charge you.

Where did you eat in Tenerife, which restaurants would you like to recommend, are there any you want to warn us about?

How about the trips, which ones did you like, give us all the details, where did you go, was it worth the money?

Have you bought a house or apartment in Tenerife, how were you treated, would you buy again?

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Tenerife music


Tenerife music: native legacy

When the ambitious Spanish conquest eventually made its way to the Canary Islands and took them as part of the ever-expanding Spanish empire, there were already indigenous communities inhabiting the islands. While these "Guanches" were - by European standards - quite primitive, they did have a developed culture which included religion, language and music. While very little remains of the indigenous forms of music and dance, there is evidence that they existed..

Tenerife music: traditional

Due to the combination of cultures playing into the Canary Island's colorful history, traditional Tenerife music - just like its food, society, sports, etc. - is a fusion of African, Latin American, European and indigenous Guanche music. The first step towards the traditional Tenerife's music we hear today was the Spanish conquest and subsequent colonization of the islands.

Tenerife music: folk

Tenerife - as well as its fellow archipelago members - has a popular and celebrated folk music scene. The city of La Orotava, for example, is famous for its folk groups and boasts hundreds of them! You can basically divide popular folk music, which you'll typically finding setting the atmosphere at traditional festivals and events, into two major groups.

Tenerife music: the timple

One of the most fundamental and representative elements to traditional Canarian folk music is the timple, or the Canarian guitar. Similar to a ukulele, the timple is like a miniature version of the guitar and strumming its four (or five) strings produces light, higher-pitched music.

Tenerife music: today

Tenerife may be out there in the Atlantic Ocean, but it has kept right up with major musical trends like jazz, rock and - these days - even hip hop. Jazz music first made its mark in the Canary Islands back in the 1940's with La Palma's Minerva jazz. The style simmered and enjoyed a certain popularity, but really came into its glory in the 1980's when South American jazz arrived in the islands and rapidly created a following.

Throwing in additional European and African, the Canary Islands produced first-rate artists - such as Polo Ortí, Kike Perdomo, Gato Gótico and Jazz Borondón - and a style of jazz known for stylistic innovation. Today, the annual Canary Islands Jazz Festival draws internationally renowned artists year after year and makes Tenerife and its fellow Canary Islands a veritable jazz nucleus.

Meanwhile, when rock 'n' roll hit England's music scene, the style almost immediately surged in Tenerife. From then on, it has followed world trends through epochs of psychedelic, disco, punk, heavy metal, pop and hip hop. Endless performers, singer / song-writers and bands have emerged since 1956's Los Diablos del Rock - the Canary Islands' first rock group - and the rock scene boasts year-round festivals throughout the islands.

Tenerife music: classical

On the more classical side, Tenerife's Symphony Orchestra is one of the best in the world and performs in Santa Cruz's incredible, ultra-modern Auditorio de Tenerife.

As far as music venues go, the jaw-dropping Auditorio de Tenerife, one of the islands most emblematic buildings, is the venue par excellence. Designed by famous architect Santiago Calatrava (he of Valencia's City of Arts and Sciences, Athens' Olympic Stadium and Barcelona's tele-communications tower), the brilliantly white, ultra-modern structure is perched upon Santa Cruz's coast and looks - quite appropriately - like a cresting wave. Not only is the Auditorio de Tenerife home to the Tenerife Symphony Orchestra, one of the best orchestras in Spain, but it also hosts a wide range of concerts, operas and other cultural activities.

Tenerife weather

Although the island of Tenerife lies only a little way to the north of the Tropic of Cancer, the unique combination of both Gulf and Trade Winds that sweeps the island, somehow prevent it from mirroring its nearest neighbor the Sahara desert.

Statistics show us that Tenerife features the lowest temperature difference between summer and winter for anywhere in the world, and average daily temperatures vary only slightly throughout the year making Tenerife an ideal all year round holiday destination.

Tenerife is divided by a mountain range which then effectively creates two very differing climates in a very short distance.

The cooler northern part of the island is a lush tropical paradise with banana plantations and palm trees. Here it is quite possible that you will experience a significant number of cloudy days, and perhaps even a few rain day during your visit. In contrast the south of the island is hot and dry with almost a desert like landscape.

A point certainly worth making when contemplating a holiday to Tenerife is that the main weather station is located in the north of the island, therefore the weather reports in many of the UK's national newspapers will be taken from the islands capital of Santa Cruz, and as such, may not represent the true temperatures and conditions in the south.

Tenerife South Weather

Those looking for Tenerife beach holidays, and hot sunshine, usually head to the southern resorts of Tenerife.

Tenerife's high temperatures, rarely dropping below 18 degrees centigrade, make for superb all year round Tenerife Golf Holidays and beach holidays.

Tenerife Spring temperature and Tenerife Winter temperature ranges from 18 degrees centigrade to the early 20s, whilst in peak season Tenerife summer temperature often climbs up to the 30s, and higher when the African weather comes across from the Sahara.

The Trade Winds, as with the other Canary Islands, bring cooler temperatures than would otherwise be experienced at this latitude.

Tenerife still remains the most popular destination for winter sun holidays for UK holidaymakers.

Average Tenerife weather temperatures


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